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Yes, sad to say, I'm leaving DeviantArt soon. I explain my reasons on my blog if you want more details.

If you want to stay in touch, there's several ways you can do so. By...

Email Newsletter

I'll leave this page up for a little while because I don't feel like deleting all my work (yet). Besides which, if someone on this site finds my page here, they can check out the links above to see all my newest work.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and I'll answer.

Thanks for reading, and for all your support!

You. Are. Awesome.
Let's get right to business...

If you're looking for a book of the downloadable variety, there's the new Mermaids Sketchbook on Gumroad. It features sketches of mermaids from rough pencil lines to finished digital art. Plus it has some teasers for a comics project in progress!

If you want something more physical, or funny, get the new Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics. Successfully funded by KickStarter backers (thank you backers!), it features remastered art, full-color pages, character biographies telling the silly secrets of the Fantasyville police squad, and behind-the-scenes sketches. Plus, while supplies last, each copy comes with a free minicomic - "Rubber Duck: The Reckoning."

There you have it! Two new books available for you however you like to read. If you want other digital books, check out my Gumroad shop, and if you want a more tactile experience, check out my books on Storenvy.

Thanks for reading!

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It's T-Rex vs. Shark! Who will you root for? Be sure to get the T-shirt here on Society6.

You can also get my other T-shirt, T-Rex Sissy Fight! on Society6.
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(Insert obligatory "It's been a while since I updated" statement.)

I'm in the process of making new T-shirt designs for Society6. Hopefully they'll be up in time to give you something to spend holiday cash on!

Comics are still updating, though Seeing Him went from twice-weekly updates to once-weekly updates for reasons.

Johnson & Sir was on KickStarter to fund Johnson & Sir: The Collected Comics, featuring remastered art and bonus materials. It was successfully funded back in October! Thank you so much to those of you who spread the word and kicked in to the cause!

Validation is still going, but if you can spare even $1 a month, please consider supporting the comic on Patreon. We hope to get more funding in so we can keep bringing you Validation updates! If we meet our milestone goals, we can update more often, make more books, and get other rewards made for you. Please check out the Patreon and spread the word.

Seeing Him is also on Patreon! You can support Seeing Him for as little as $1 a month, as well, and get secret updates and help pay Kia (the writer) for her hard work writing the story.

I have other comics and illustrations in the works. To get the latest updates, check out my blog or sign up for my email newsletter (spam free since it's founding).

Before I forget! I'm also available for commissions. Check out my rates here.

There's also plenty or merch for sale at my Storenvy shop, and there's a new exclusive download available.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading!

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I don't have a comparative analysis. I'm just asking you which platform would you prefer to get an artists' wares.

Which platform has helped you get the most sales? Which one do you like the best? And why?
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Oh hi!

I want to try to do a new thing - I'm going to (at the very least) update this journal feature every week, on Friday. I plan on posting new art on Fridays, as well, but bare minimum, I'll update this journal every Friday.

So I don't have a whole ton of updates since I was on a mini-vacation. I was spending time with my family and getting non-work things sorted out.

But that doesn't mean that comics didn't update!


Validation updated this last Monday and Thursday. There's some new drama happening at the comic shop...

Meanwhile, Johnson & Sir have been throwing a party.

And Seeing Him, the new webcomic I'm making with my sister Kia, IS FINALLY ONLINE! You can go catch up on it now.

Charlie & Clow's first chapter is available to read, in its entirety, for free, online, by clicking here.


I review comics on my video blog every Tuesday. This last week I didn't (because mini-vacation), but the week before, I did 7 of them in five minutes or less.

I got a new printer and shared a new thing I call The Sketching Game.

There's also another feature I do called Featured Artist Friday, where every Friday I interview a new artist and share their work. This week I didn't do that (again, mini-vacation), but last week I talked with NyQuilDreamer about his work. Go check it out!

I'm planning to get back into T-shirt designs again, and this time I'm going to try out Society6! I have new T-shirt ideas pertaining to Johnson & Sir (I'm not telling yet).

Let me know what's new with you in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

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Between Today and June 15th, every purchase you make in my Storenvy store will include this FREE mini-print!

With Courage... by KelciD

It's about 6 3/4" wide by 9 3/4" tall, so it'll be just the thing to squeeze between your posters.

Again, it's FREE with every purchase between today and June 15th. But only while supplies last! Once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE (and I'll announce when that happens).

Thanks for reading!
My KickStarter is over, and it's FULLY FUNDED!

:icondancedanceplz: :icondancedanceplz: :icondancedanceplz: :icondancedanceplz:

Thank you so much for putting up with my posting of promotional images and stuff.

I'll be busy making the rewards for it for a while, so I'm not sure how often I can update here. I'll do my best.

If you pledged and/or helped to spread the word, thank you SO SO MUCH! <3 <3 <3

You. Are. Awesome.
I’m hitting the road again, this time for Savannah, Georgia.



I found out about this show from my friend :iconneofeliss:. She and I are going to be in the Artist Alley April 25th and 26th, showing off and selling our work. If you can make it, I would love to see you there!

In the meantime, there’s a lot of webcomics available for you, from Validation to Johnson & Sir to the first chapter of Charlie & Clow.

(Johnson & Sir are still looking for guest comics! More info is available here.)

And of course, the KickStarter for Seeing Him, the Webcomic is still going! So pledge, spread the word, and help us reach our stretch goals before May 4!

And if you want to help fund another campaign, Pink Dollar Comics (the soon-to-be publisher for Seeing Him) is raising funds to get to Flame Con. So if you can, pledge and spread the word for them too!

When I come back (on Tuesday), I’ll tell you all about my trip.

And, who knows? There may be a sale on my Storenvy soon after. ;)

Thanks for reading!
Ok so I announced I was going to post one new sketch a day here on deviantart, on Tumblr, and on my blog.

That’s going to be put on hold for this weekend. Sorry!

“But why?”

I’ll tell ya.

This week is my last week working two day jobs. Next week I’m going down to just one day job (thank goodness! It’ll leave more time to make comics, including Seeing Him, which is now raising money for stretch goals).

But that means both jobs have me working all day tomorrow. They had me work all day today, so I had no time to make or post a new sketch. I’m so sorry! :(

And then, on Friday, I’m leaving with my family for a weekend trip to Washington, DC.

So I’ll be gone until Monday or Tuesday, depending on traffic (oh god the traffic in the DC area is ATROCIOUS. I’m having flashbacks from Intervention Con).

I’m sorry to do this at the last minute! I hope you can give me time until I can get back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, please help Kia and I reach our stretch goals on KickStarter! You can give a pledge, or if you’ve done that already (or can’t pledge for any reason), spread the word and tell your friends! This entire campaign has been fueled by readers like you. Thank you. <3

Thanks for reading! You. Are. Awesome.
Back in November 2014, I ran a KickStarter with my sis, Kia, to raise funds for our new webcomic, "Seeing Him." We missed our goal the first time because we set the goal too high and a lot of the rewards weren't what people wanted.

So we made some changes, and now, "Seeing Him" is BACK ON KICKSTARTER!

"Seeing Him" is about a nerdy ice skating rink owner named Kate, who goes back into the dating scene to find Mr. Right. She finds him in Adam, a doctor who's also a transgender man. The story follows their budding romance and the malarkey they embark on in cahoots with their outrageous friends.

Seeing Him: Kate's Friends by KelciD

(^^^This thumb shows some of the aforementioned friends.)

The KickStarter is ALMOST fully funded! We need your help to kick us over the edge.

So if you can, go to the KickStarter page, pledge, and tell your friends!

If you're broke, tell your friends! Spreading the word helps SO MUCH. <3

To help promote the KickStarter, I'll be posting one new "Seeing Him" sketch EVERY DAY here on Deviantart, on my blog, and on my Tumblr.

And if you want even more new comics news and art never-before-seen, go sign up for my free weekly email newsletter. Your email is never shared because you're part of a super secret club of supporters, and I won't overwhelm you with emails.

Thank you for reading! You. Are. Awesome <3
There are two ways you can keep up with my comics updates.

The first is my Facebook page. I'm actually running a sweepstakes there right now! When the Facebook page reaches 200 likes, one randomly selected person will receive a free copy of IF-X! To participate, like my page.

The second way you can keep up with updates from me is my weekly newsletter.

It's new, and it's free! In the weekly newsletter you get comic updates, new never-before-seen sketches, and you'll be the first to find out when I'm available for commissions.

To sign up to get on it, you can go here.

I just needed something to replace the KickStarter announcements.

More soon!
Please excuse the all caps title but OMG 6 DAYS LEFT.

My sister and I are KickStarting a new webcomic we're making, called "Seeing Him." It stars a trans man named Adam and a nerdy lady named Kate. The KickStarter link is here:…

Here's some art to show what the webcomic will look like...

Seeing Him, Page 9 by KelciD

Seeing Him: Adam and Kate Sketch by KelciD

There are still plenty of cool rewards available, like bookmarks, stickers, posters, and even a chance to get drawn in the comic!

Again, the link to it is here.

If you can donate, awesome! If you can't, please help spread the word!

Thank you for reading!
Hello there! Sorry for my absence here on deviantart. I'm going to do my best to be more involved with the community. Please bear with me.

While I was gone, there's been some new developments!

Like, now I have another new webcomic, Charlie & Clow!

As I wrote in the "About" page of the website, "Charlie & Clow is a paranormal action fantasy about Charlie, a college student, and Clow, a mysterious goth man."

It updates every Wednesday, which means there's a new page today! You can start reading it here.

And in other news, I'm doing a KickStarter for another new webcomic!

The story is "Seeing Him," a romantic comedy starring Katy, a lady who runs a skating rink, and Adam, a trans man!

I posted a little preview recently of what the comic would look like when it's finished.

Seeing Him, Page 9 by KelciD

The writer, Kia (my sister) and I are doing a Kickstarter to get this webcomic off the ground running.

If you can, please go here and donate!

If you're broke, please spread the word to your friends/family/readers/pet dinosaurs!

And if you need more art, stay tuned! I'll be posting more art here on deviantart soon!

Thank you for reading!
I'm sorry for not updating here very often. To tell the truth, I'm on deviantART less often.

The better places for you to find me and see regular updates are in the links below:

My Website 
Johnson & Sir

I'll do my best to post here more often!

P.S. I'm doing a special sale at my shop. If you get the Validation Comic Con Special, you'll get a free copy of Prologues! All this for $5. You can order this (really sweet) deal here.
Thanks to Phoenix Comicon, I was interviewed A LOT.

First, we (by 'we' I mean my collaborator Christian and I) got interviewed by Watch Play Read.

Then we got interviewed by Land of the Nerds. Here's Christian's interview and here's mine. They also did a review of our comic Validation.

We also got an interview with Comic Book Resources!

And in other news, over at my blog I posted two new posts. The first is How I Make Johnson & Sir. The second is How I Make Validation.

I hope you enjoy!
I have some time available this week, so if you would like some custom art, I would love your support!

Here are my prices if you want me to make comics: Comic Prices

Here are my prices if you want me to make illustrations or character art: Art Prices

Or if you just want to read comics, Johnson & Sir updated today!
Ok, so I finally wrote about my time at Phoenix Comicon. You can read that here.

Christian and I completely sold out of our first print run of Validation! Yay! Thank you everyone who bought a copy (or just reads the webcomic)!

I also wrote a post about How to Run a Table at Artist Alley. I hope it helps all of you who will be selling at cons the rest of this year.

I've been posting a lot of warm-up sketches on my Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

And I've been updating both Validation and Johnson & Sir pretty regularly. If you haven't read them yet, you should.

With any luck, I'll be posting more work here on deviantART, especially now that Phoenix Comicon is done.


I will be moving back to Ohio within the next month. I wrote a post about the reasons why, but long story short: my boyfriend is unable to move out West.
Oh my gosh, Phoenix Comicon was a blast, you guys!

It was great to see fellow nerds and comics readers, and to talk to old and new fans!

I'll be writing a new blog post about it soon on my blog. I'll post a link when it's finished. But suffice to say, there were awesome things that happened this weekend and I'm still excited even though it's over!